JUDGE: Mr Guido Persino (Italy)
Lovely  feminine bitch, very well built, very harmonic in body with super angulation. The head is nice with dark eyes, good relationship muzzle-skull,  just a bit flat the  top of the skull. Excellent neck and withers, slightly straight in shoulder though, and I would like to see more flexible pastern. On the other hand the chest is very good with strong topline, loins and a very nice croup. Well angulated and round.  Super angulated hocks and stifle. In the movement her hocks are slightly in a V shape but quite strong, the front is correct but you can see her pastern should be more flexible which means her front is a bit rigid, while the step on the side and the drive are really excellent as well the coat and colour.
  Photo kindly supplied by Lisa Stevenson


JUDGE: Mr Scott Sandford (South Australia)

 2 year old longer cast bitch of good size. She has a feminine head with larger white markings than I would have preferred which did take away from her expression. She is well angulated in the front, has a good length of neck and well angulated in the hindquarter. 

On the day she tended to lean back into herself on the stack which did nothing for her topline. She is a little light on bone, however she is very clean coming and going and moved around the ring steadily with very good reach and drive. Out of coat today.



There is not really to much more that I can say except that she is friendly (sometimes over the top), out going and sometimes a little naively dopey! She is easy going and gets on with all our other animals including goats, cats, rabbits and cows.
Char has been DNA tested as DM Clear. 



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