(Belgium import)
Harley was bred by Van De Klaverhoeve Kennels in Belgium and was kindly sent to us for showing and breeding. Harley is a stunning looking male very solid. He has a temperament to die for as after his long journey here he was so happy to see us and never batted and eyelid at the strangers that were there to see him. Harleys show career in allbreeds shows has been either hit or miss. Some judges love him and others dont. Under breed specialists he does very well.
14/03/2010 under breed specialist Lynn Brand
On the 14th March 2010 Harley took Best of Breed at the Hamilton Kennel Club allbreeds show under Lynn Brand a breeder of Bernese in Australia. There were 28 bernese entered in the show.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club had a Championship show on the 8th October 2011 and Harley got Reserve dog over 18 other Bernese males.

Harley Van De Klaverhoeve Critiques:

JUDGE: Mr Guido Persino

Good size, 3 years old, quite masculine but would like to see on a 3 years old dog a bit more of sex imprint and power but still beautiful expression. Muzzle should be slightly larger and eyes are a bit narrow but are of very good colour, iris is nice dark brown. Pigment is enough, even with pink gums but lips are dark. Just slightly cheeky. Neck is strong of a good length, withers is wide, breast is slightly narrow at the bottom but the chest is well ribbed and round. Shoulder is well angulated on this dog and the pasterns are long enough and well flexible with round cat feet. Topline is mostly correct, with a bit flat croup but still correct. Rears are ok at hocks, but I would like to see more angulation at stifle. In the movement, hocks are well parallel and solid, and the front is correct and on the side, he moves in a sound way. The step is long enough, but could cover more ground. The coat is lovely.

JUDGE: Mr Scott Sandford (South Australia)

17 ½ months old dog of good size with correct proportions and very good breed type, head is typical for a dog of that age along with balanced markings with almond shaped eyes which are dark in color. His under jaw is strong. He has a well angulated forequarter with a moderate length of neck which flows nicely into his top line and slightly sloping croup with a good tail set. He is well ribbed back, strong through the loin and has a well angulated hindquarter with a well let down hock. He has strong bone with tight round feet. Hindquarters are strong and clean behind with good width. Clean coming towards and stands full square. Moved around the ring with good reach and drive. Pushed hard for Res CC.




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