JUDGE: Mr Guido Perosino (Italy)

13 months old, nice expression, slightly light colour of the eyes, excellent skull, slightly triangular muzzle but with good relationship to the skull, good pigment of the outside lips, gums are pink but acceptable, good earset, standing well at attention, strong but elegant neck with good withers, shoulder is a bit straight, slightly underangulated, front bone sufficient, good chest, breast should develop a bit more with age, good topline, loins a bit long but still strong, long and wide croup, rears should be better angulated especially at stifle. In the movement hocks are well parallel, front has a bit waving, shoulder should be more solid probably because of relative lack of shoulder angulation, the step during movement on the side is long and especially the push is correct and with the right strength, lovely coat for the age with nice markings.


George is a lovely friendly and outgoing boy who loves everyone. He is a right sooky and is well loved and cared for by Mick and Suzy Kirkaldy.



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