Our wee Chardonnay was second pick (confromation wise) to her sister and thus was never shown by us. When she was three years old we decided that we would give little Nae-Nae a go in the show ring. We expected her to be a little nervous but not Chardonnay she was happy as and wagged her tail the whole way around the ring and the whole time she was stacked. She loved it and was made up as a Champion in 8 shows.

JUDGE: Mr Guido Persino (Italy)

She is middle size, very feminine, just slightly low on the legs but very well built and constructed. She is lovely in the face having good expression and dark eyes, but the skull is slightly flat and I would to have a bit more dramatic skull, the relationship with muzzle is anyway, correct. Ears are well set just slightly backwards and the neck is strong as well the withers. Front legs are a bit short, especially at arm but the pastern and feet are very good and flexible. Excellent topline, beautiful chest and breast, coup is slightly short, the rears are just great - really lovely rears, very well angulated. In the movement hocks are good parallel, front is slightly waving at the shoulder but still acceptable. The walk on the side is really very good. Rears a bit short in the reach. Lovely coat and colour.





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